Preview Build

UPPAAL 5.0.0 beta2 since UPPAAL 5.0.0 beta1

  • Fixed symbolic trace as concrete trace output to pass the regression suite by
  • Fix version check serialization issue on startup
  • Fix issue where fatal engine errors are lost when parsing BasicResponse
  • Fixed version date parsing to be more robust
  • Updated JetBrainMono fonts
  • Added bold italic highlighting for /// comments
  • Update old dtd version to fit model files

UPPAAL 5.0.0 beta1 since UPPAAL 4.1.20 Stratego 11

  • Graceful cancellation and other result output fixes
  • Cleanup demo examples
  • Fix ant release date and applied format validation to release dates
  • Fix issue where plots would seemingly go backwards in time
  • Swap result and query
  • Fixed font and drawing anti-aliasing in the verification dialog
  • Removed splashscreen as startup seems to be fast enough
  • Fix issue where the last delay transition of a concrete witness trace would be omitted
  • Fixed issues with advanced line break
  • Recover concrete trace output on verifyta
  • Add parsing for saving plot settings in concrete simulator